Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Revamp of christmas

Malo lava this is my narrative about Christmas. The situation is that they try find their missing christmas star.

Tessa, Jeff, Ralonda and Max. They all live in the same house. It was was christmas. Ralonda and Tessa started making the stockings as the boys Max and Jeff were getting the decorations done.

“Mmm what’s that smell” as Ralonda followed the smell.

“It’s my new recipe called Roast chicken” Tessa replied.

As Max was looking through the decorations he had a feeling that something was missing. He looked at the tree he looked closer and notice that there was no star. He was so shocked that he was panicking. He told everyone else and they were figuring how they’re going to find it.

Panicking is everywhere in the house in the rooms in the kitchen where is this star. Looking under and over things has been done repeatedly again and again. As Jeff walked into the lounge he saw  something sparkly under the tree. He wonder what it was.

“Found it” yelled Jeff.

“Where was it? said Max

“it was under the tree.”

TING! came from the oven. Ralonda pulled out the chicken as they all grabbed their plates and started to dig in.

“I LOVE CHRISTMAS” said Max. As they put the star back on the christmas tree. So they all spent their christmas happily!!!

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