Monday, November 5, 2012


On one spooky Halloween night were 4 kids, named Jason,Kent, Rita and Tanisha. Jason dressed up as Dracula and Kent was a ghost,Rita was Mavis the girl vampire and Tanisha was a angle.

Off they went to the first house. When they knocked, a kind lady gave them a hand full of candy each. Up the stairs of the next house Rita knocked on the door.A squeaky noise came at the back of them... “AHHH!!!” came from Kent in a girly way. 

“Boo”! Shouted the older kids as they snatched the bags of lollies.Jason was angry, frustrated and annoyed. They didn’t know what to do! Rita was smart, she wanted to get her candy back but how?
As they were planning to get there candy back they thought of the greatest plan ever! There plan was the oldest trick, the trip over string trap. 

So they quickly ran back to Kent’s house. They grabbed the string and they grabbed the duct tape. “But how will we find them?” said Tanisha. While they looked out the window,  surprise, surprise they saw the guys that stole their candy.Setting up the trap at Kents house they were ready. Luckily the older guys didn't know it was kents house.BANG!!! came from outside kents house so screaming wildly came out Kent, Rita, Tanisha and Jason."Hahaha who laughing now" said Jason. So they quickly went back inside!

Tipping out of the bags were their candy mmmm said Jason. So they changed back to normal sat in the living room and ate there chocolate happily!!!

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