Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hilarious Movie

A few weeks ago room 18 were making a movie. We were using masks.The masks had famous people on them it had Justin Bieber,Rihana,Beyonce,Tio Cruz and Bruno Mars.When we first made the masks we got different people to cut out.It was so hilarious. Later that day we started the movie. We had to sing and act. Once we were all looked so nervous. What I liked about the movie is that the transition was so emotional.The other thing that I liked was the song it was very a peaceful song. Some how the most thing that I liked was the people that were making mistakes, because they were so humorous. They sometimes forget they're script it was likely we were on television. The bit that I like was when the ripple came up. When we started making it the things that I dislike with it was the speed.The other thing is that I really don’t like is some of the bit of the transition.Then we did some quit time so the person that’s talking can let our audience hear them.But the last thing that didn't work was the shots it was only a little of it.What we did was finishing of our movie with the song Eye of the tiger. We did it in the corner of our class room with some kids wearing our masks.”Bring” !!! as the bell rang like a lion’s roar as everyone said “ooowwwhhh” but Mr Barks reply we could do it tomorrow.

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