Friday, May 6, 2011

My Adventure Holidays

In the beginning of my interesting school holidays I went on a adventure to a holiday program.When I first arrived it looked exciting to me.What it sound like is having a joyful laugh.What it feels like is happiness.At the holiday program we got into 4 separate groups. In these 4 groups we have names for these 4 groups they are show stopper’s,Price-tag,team 3 and Bazookas.When the men-tours told us this game dodge ball it felt like chasing a monkey. After we have our free time we stop at 1 o’clock to have our lunch, lunch was sausage sizzle with sauce on top. Later on after we had our lunch we had zumba it was so cool. Sooner we finished off with a prey “hooray for me!” I shouted with my loudest voice, as soon me and my dad went home.Was I having a exciting time? you bet I had.

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