Wednesday, December 12, 2012


A sound of screaming wind a slithery monster creped up to me. I was watching my marshmallow cooking on the fire. Suddenly I heard something behind me! Shocked was shown on my face I was petrified of what I saw. A growl came from the monster but he wasn’t there for me he was actually there for the marshmallow. Sharp teeth came from a smile, grup it took the marshmallow off my hand I was still worried I was going to be eaten. I screamed as the birds flew away.
The monster was scared of me of how the way I screamed. So I took more marshmallows out  of my bag and started to give the monster more. The last one is the marshmallow I wanted but the monster snatched it out of my hand.

I was worried that I might get eaten! Anger it showed trying to chase me down. I had an idea in my head that a pillow looks like a marshmallow. So I chucked my pillow away from me and quickly ran away. The monster didn’t really care. He got the pillow, attached it to the stick trying to cook it, but suddenly a distance of flame burned it to pieces. A sad crying face, it was sad.

Here's a class Link where I found the movie that I wrote about.

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