Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Imformation about my netbook?

Having a netbook during the year is really fun because it makes writing and maths much easier. The thing that I really love about my netbook is that it gets me into higher levels in my learning which is maths,writing and reading too. One of my dislike is that I had to wait for a while to fix my netbook and now I am using a loaner.

Likes, what do I enjoy about my Netbook? That we don’t have to go on the Imacs.That we can use it for anything that we need to do if we don’t have a computer to use.It can save the best pictures that we love in our family sometimes.That I love to finish some work if I am not finish some tasks. That we don’t have to work on paper and pencil.I can work more and learn more and it makes my writing look neater than before.

Dislikes,There are many reasons why I do not like about my Netbook. That it always slows down when math whizz is loading sometimes. That I always want my netbook back because it has been a long time that I have not been using my netbook instead of a loaner computer along the year because I exadently dropped it when I was working with Mr.Barks. Sometimes it takes forever to load a page and then I click and click then all you see is 5 tabs of math whizz on my FireFox.

What happens if we go back to old boring paper and pencil? There are many reasons that I don’t want to work on paper and pencils. I don’t have to sharpen my pencil when it brakes, because I have a netbook. The hardest thing to handle is charging my battery sometimes and being careful with my netbook. But if I had to go back to my PAPER AND PENCILS Then I’ll have to write in my book forever for homework and for maths and that’s when my hand gets hurt by writing and I really do not want to go there anymore!.

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