Friday, October 28, 2011

My Best Holiday ever!

On a hot, sweating holiday my mum and I went to the pools. When we arrived to the pools we got into our togs,had a shower and headed to the pool.When we hoped into the pool it was like an ice cube! As we played and played in the pool my mum said “we have 5 minutes until we leave to go home.” “Ok” I said. As 5 minutes past we went home in our car as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day in the after noon it was 12:00pm. I heard a car that sounded a little familiar to me. When I walked to the door of my house I saw my best three cousins Aaron,Lilo, and Murphy. They were all from my dads side. The next morning my Nana made us coco rice. Coco rice is a Samoan chocolate soup with rice inside it. After we had our breakfast we rested our stomach and played with my Bop-it. Active we were in 20 minutes we got change really quick and went to the school Ropotaka. When we went to the school my brother Heke my cousins and I had a game called rugby. During our rugby we got to tired so we went back home and had a rest until Sunday.

On a bright Sunday morning it was the last day for my cousins. My cousins was so sad that they wanted to stay. At lunch my dad thought somewhere that we will be able to take them. I never knew were we are going?. Waiting and waiting that when I went pass my mum and dads room I heard someone said that we were going to town. As I was excited I thought that we were going in our car but were going in my aunties van. When we got to town we took lots of pictures doing handstands and doping the pukana to the camera and to each other. “Are we there yet” I shouted that I was really tired by walking to the car to town because it was packed. when we got there we saw these Ipads that we can play on and I was so amazed. Laughing and laughing in the car that we were talking about what was our favourite thing we did at town. when we got home I heard the same car and it was my cousins car. As I went out side I felt sad that they were going home so I said good bye I will see you next holidays.

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