Monday, September 26, 2011

How amazing for Samoa

Long live the Samoans! as we cheered for them. When the game started they sang the national anthem and guess what we did we sang it with them. During the game we saw Tusi Pisi got the ball so my dad and my brother did the Haka to cheer him on.”YAY” we all hugged each other that I started doing a conga line with the girls. When it was 27-7 for the Samoan team I closed my eye’s and I herd a voice from the TV that it’s Game over “YAY” as I lifted up my brother with a strong hug that I nearly broke him into peaces. Being proud that I have been smiling the whole day that I couldn't’t stop.Grrrr my friend mumbled as she thought that Fiji was better then Samoa.

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  1. Hello Tui,

    I really like it how you used that word long live Samoans it really grabbed my attention in my opinion I thought your story was interesting.



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