Friday, August 5, 2011

Trying to achieve my goal

This paragraph is all about me trying to achieve my goals. What my goal. is to achieve is my writing,reading and maths. My first task is my writing. Writing is tricky to me sometimes but when it comes to paragraph it’s just extra tricky but in my mine it just tells me to keep moving forward. My second task to complete is my reading.Reading is a little bit of hardness in it but the most easy one’s are the questions. Questions is sometimes easy and sometimes hard but when it comes to me it is tricky. The lucky last to complete is my maths. Sometimes I don’t get maths but what my mind says is keep moving forward. The only one I’m confuse with is my Multiplication. Multiplication is always confusing because it sounds like adding but it is just adding the same number but that how I will try to achieve my goal.

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